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BEFORE / AFTER HOME PLANS FROM £140. Are you someone who needs support, guidance and a little help shifting a dress size or two? if so we have a fantastic plan to do in the comfort of your own home.

We provide you with a comprehensive diet plan, exercise plan to do at home, recipes, support group and the nutritious shakes or bars to help you maintain the healthy diet plan.

Our plan consists of 4-5 meals per day (2 of these meals will be the shakes or bars) with 2 litres of water. You also have cheat days too to ensure you live a balanced and consistent healthy lifestyle. See the testimonials for before and after pictures. PRICE INCLUDES SHAKES OR BARS.

Do you have the passion and motivation to help others achieve their goals? Do you want to earn a full time income for a few hours work each week? Do you want the support of a successful company? If you answered yes please complete the registration form today and you could working for yourself and earning a fantastic income next month.


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